Sunday, June 8, 2008

Characteristics of Elementary Students

Characteristics of Elementary Students
By Stephanie Huerta
EDCI 4322 Human Development & Instruction
June 4, 2008

I find that the typical characteristics of elementary students is that of an emotional one. In elementary children begin to develop their own vision of what their self image should be like. And often when elementary students begin to develop their self image they are trying to figure out how they can fit in with a certain group of friends or peers. Often a child feels if he/she doesn’t look or behave a certain way they will not be accepted by others. It is normal for elementary students to begin to compare themselves at this stage in age compared to their younger years when self image wasn’t important and their peers were friends with them because they accepted them for who they were.

Now that elementary students are becoming aware that self image makes them who they are and that they are now going to be accepted based on how they see themselves. However, not only do these students pick up their characteristics from other peers they pick them up from home. How one student sees his/her self may also be how his/her parent reflect their own self image. Family relationships need to be viewed carefully because the children, who happen to be the students, will often link family relationships to future behavior.

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