Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Motivation: Why are high school students not motivated?

Motivation: Why are high school students not motivated?

By Nicole Larosa
EDI 15A Psychological Perspective: Teaching & Learning
School of Education
Long Island University, C. W. Post
March 28 , 2009

I really enjoyed our class on Thursday. October Sky is a great movie that never gets old. I have seen it before and it is definitely a motivational movie, especially since it was based on a true story. It was nice to have a relaxing week after midterms. I think today high school students are not motivated because the parents are not as involved as they used to be. Now, most parents work two jobs and are not paying much attention to if their child is doing well in school or not. I think that is also the reason why today's children as not well behaved. Another factor is the teachers are not making the lessons interesting for the students by relating the subject matter to the students' lives. The students do not care.

Also, the teachers are too busy teaching the high school kids how to take standardized tests and have them memorize everything from formulas to definitions. This is not learning. Anyone can memorize something if they stare at it long enough.

Teacher need to find a child's interest and then push the child to take that interest further, like Ms. Riley did in the movie. If it was not for Ms. Riley and the children’s other friends who helped them along they way, the rocket would never have been built properly.

I also think it is wrong that Homer's father tried to stop him from building his rocket. Parents should support their children no matter what they do. I would think that his father would want a better life for him and if he can get a scholarship by building a rocket, then help him build the rocket. My parents always supported me and that is why I have done well in my life so far.

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